Roman Aqueduct of Serravalle of Chienti

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Valle del Chienti

Serravalle del Chienti

The Roman aqueduct of Serravalle del Chienti, accessible upon request, is an important testament to the hydraulic work of the Augustan Age, unique in the Marche region. Built in the 1st c. BC, the collector is about one kilometer long with the purpose of conveying surface water into the underground to control the waters and avoid swamping the territory of the Roman city of Plestia, a strategic center of the Plestina plateau on the trans-Apennine route, frequented by man since prehistoric times. The Roman conduit, entirely made of square travertine blocks, was discovered in 1998 at a depth of 2.5 meters under the walkway, not far from the "Botte dei Varano", a duct having the same function as the Roman one and running parallel to it, made in 1400 by order of Giulio Cesare Varano, Duke of Camerino. Like the Roman canal, the "Botte dei Varano" can be visited upon request.

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Serravalle del Chienti

Address Fonte delle Mattinate Serravalle del Chienti
Phone Number (+39) 3396372705 (+39) 3296287270
Opening Time su prenotazione
Visit Time 45 min
Entrance Fee 5 €
Reservation Required yes
Bookshop no
Free Guided Tour yes
Guided Tour no
Parking yes
Disabled Accessibility si, ad eccezione delle persone con difficoltà motorie. Possibilità visita guidata L.I.S. su prenotazione
Audioguide no
Didactic Rooms no
Conference room no
English language yes
Public Transport no
Family Services no
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MuPA, Museo Archeologico Paleontologico di Serravalle di Chienti
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