Civic Archaeological museum "Tifernum Mataurene"

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Valle del Metauro

Sant' Angelo in Vado

Set up within the 14th century church of Santa Maria extra muros and its monastic complex, the archaeological section presents the history of the territory of Sant'Angelo in Vado starting from the Neolithic Age, with displays of objects in flint, ceramic paste and brass that attest to the existence of settlements in the river terraces of the city and the upper valley of the Metauro, through to the late Antique and early Medieval phases. The collection from the Roman Age is notable, represented by numerous inscriptions on tombstones, memorial stones and altars, and materials of common use. The finds are exhibited according to a thematic criterion: one can visit the section of lamps and fine ceramics such as black painted pottery; Imperial ceramic ware such as Italic terra sigillata red-gloss pottery and thin-walled pottery; jewelry and objects of glass; games; weights and measures; the section dedicated to architectural decorations and fragments of statues; coins and lapidary. To guide the visitor along the exhibition path, the museum is equipped with video-guides and panels easily readable through the use of smartphones.

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Sant' Angelo in Vado

Address Località Santa Maria, Via Pratello Sant'Angelo in Vado
Phone Number 072288455 / 3423557996
Opening Time Da martedì a domenica: 9:30-12:30 e 15:30-18:01
Visit Time 1 h
Entrance Fee Intero 5€, ridotto 3€, gruppi sopra 15 persone 2€
Reservation Required per gruppi superiori a 15 persone è consigliata la prenotazione
Bookshop no
Free Guided Tour no
Guided Tour Su prenotazione: 3395469611 (Michelangelo); 3479782936 (Cristina); 3478962484 (Enrica)
Parking sì a pagamento
Disabled Accessibility yes
Audioguide no
Didactic Rooms yes
Conference room no
English language no
Public Transport yes
Family Services yes
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