Archaeological museum and lapidarium of Urbino

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Set on the ground floor of Palazzo Ducale, home to the National Gallery of the Marche, the Archaeological Lapidarium Museum of Urbino boasts a rich epigraphic collection composed of two nuclei: the collection commissioned by R. Fabretti with inscriptions from the Urbino territory and from Rome, and the collection of Cardinal G.F. Stoppani with epigraphic material and statuary. The museum is organized among five rooms: the first holds Greek inscriptions and the famous inscription of the marmorarius Eutropos; the second exhibits Christian Latin inscriptions, including some with figures; the third room houses Christian reliefs; the fourth hosts epigrams, including one showing a verse of Callimaco and the metrics. Finally, the fifth room preserves burial inscriptions of a familial nature, including the famous purple porphyry relief with the episode of Ulysses and the Sirens. The tour ends with the exhibition of imperial, consular, military and sacred inscriptions, as well as those relating to public works.

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Address Piazza Duca Federico 107 Urbino
Phone Number 0722322625
Opening Time Da martedì a domenica: 8:30-19:15 (chiusura biglietteria alle 18:15) Lunedì: 8:30-14:00 (chiusura biglietteria alle 13:00)
Closure Day Chiuso: 25 dicembre e 1 gennaio
Visit Time 1 h
Entrance Fee Compreso nel biglietto della Galleria Nazionale delle Marche: 8€, ridotto 5€, prenotazione 1€
Reservation Required no
Bookshop yes
Free Guided Tour no
Guided Tour Necessaria prenotazione
Parking sì (fuori dalle mura del centro storico)
Disabled Accessibility yes
Audioguide yes
Didactic Rooms yes
Conference room yes
English language yes
Public Transport yes
Family Services no
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