Archaeological Civic Museum of Treia

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Valle del Potenza


The Archaeological Civic Museum of Treia is home to the splendid Convent of St. Francis in the historic city center. The museum was inaugurated in 2004 and inside it are collected archaeological finds from the territory of Treia datable from prehistory to Roman times. The Museum is divided into three rooms which, through the instructional system, reconstruct the history of the excavations of Treia, the occupation by the civilizations that followed upon one another in the territory, and the ancient routes of travel, an indispensable element in the development of the territory and which characterized the very birth of the Roman city. The three chronologically arranged halls are dedicated respectively to the Neolithic, to the Picene civilization and to Roman Trea. The finds of the pre-Roman period originate mainly from the site of Santa Maria in Selva, while those of the Roman era come from the excavations conducted in the S.S. Crocifisso district. Among the most notable finds are certainly those originating from the Romanesque sanctuary devoted to Egyptian cults found in the area where the sanctuary of the S.S. Crocifisso currently stands, and which make Treia unique within the archaeological panorama of Marche. Other finds worthy of note are the different portrait sculptures and a statue of a figure in a toga, as well as various epigraphs.

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Address Viale Nazario Sauro 1 Treia
Phone Number (+39) 0733217357 oppure 0733215919
Opening Time Su prenotazione 9 - 13, 15 - 19
Visit Time 45 min
Entrance Fee Intero 4 euro. Ridotto over 65 e under 18: 2 euro
Reservation Required Rivolgersi alla Pro Loco
Viabilities Camellaria
Bookshop no
Guided Tour Compresa nel biglietto di ingresso
Parking no
Disabled Accessibility yes
Audioguide no
Didactic Rooms no
Conference room no
English language yes
Public Transport no
Family Services no
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Antiquarium Comunale “Nicola Pansoni” di Cossignano