Archaeological Civic Museum of Monterubbiano

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Val d'Aso


The Archaeological Museum of Monterubbiano is quartered in the cultural center of the convent of San Francesco, in the splendid historical center of this town in the territory of Fermo. The museum collects archaeological evidence from the territory, dating back to protohistoric and Roman times and is articulated among four rooms. Notable among the exhibits are the finds from the Picene necropolis of Contrada Crocefisso, excavated at the beginning of the 1900s and dating to the 6th century BC, which include weapons, ornaments, jewelry, and everyday objects, including many ceramics, documenting the wealth of the population that inhabited the territory before Romanization. As far as Roman times are concerned, finds come mainly from the towns of Colle Coccaro and Contrada S. Gregorio, sites referable to a necropolis and a villa respectively. The finds help to clarify the organization of the territory of Monterubbiano, in Roman times appertaining to the nearby town of Firmum. The exhibits include everyday objects, as well as burial items, funerary urns and fragments of sculptures originally belonging to the decor of rustic villas. The Archaeological Museum also houses the rich numismatic collection donated to the municipality by Dr. Stefano Mircoli, which includes coins dating from the Roman era to the modern age. The museum setting is characterized by a modern didactic system featuring a plastic model in which the greatest archaeological finds of the Aso valley are indicated.

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Address Via Pagani 25 Monterubbiano
Phone Number (+39)0734 257396
Opening Time è sufficiente recarsi all’Ufficio Turistico del Comune e l’apertura del museo sarà immediata.
Visit Time 45 min
Entrance Fee 1,50 € a persona; per i Soci Touring Club e per gruppi di minimo 5 persone il costo del biglietto è 1 €; riduzioni vi sono inoltre per bambini, anziani, portatori di handicap e cittadini residenti, per i quali l’ingresso è gratuito.
Reservation Required Per scuole e gruppi molto numerosi però è sempre meglio prendere accordi con l’Ufficio Turistico qualche giorno prima, in modo da avere la certezza della presenza dell’operatrice.
Bookshop si
Free Guided Tour si
Guided Tour no
Parking no
Disabled Accessibility si
Audioguide si
Didactic Rooms si
Conference room si
English language si
Public Transport no
Family Services si
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Museo Civico Archeologico "C. Cellini" di Ripatransone